Dev Environment Launcher

Status: brainstorm
environment:- name:onehost:one.localport:1234command:django runserver {port}- name:twohost:two.localcommand:django runserver {port}The goal to create a simple watcher that could help with running one’s dev environment. Similar to something like xinetd, navigating to one.local in the above example, would handle spinning up django runserver {port} if it was not already running. This would help with the use case where I might be trying to run many django projects at once, but need to set a different port for each.

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PromQL Parser in Python

How difficult it would be to re-use some of the yacc stuff for Prometheus’ go parser, and make a proper parser for Python. References


graph LR subgraph external ifttt((IFTTT)) owntracks((OwnTracks)) smartcitizen((SmartCitizen Kit)) end subgraph apps timebox{{Timebox}} quickstats{{QuickStats}} nagger([Nagger]) end subgraph web django celery db end db[(Postgres)] mqtt{ MQTT } celery -- django django -- celery django -- db django mqtt ifttt -- django mqtt -- django mqtt -- nagger owntracks -- mqtt quickstats -- django smartcitizen -- mqtt timebox -- django timebox -- mqtt click owntracks "" click smartcitizen "" click ifttt ""

Status Bar RSS Reader

Something simple to replace feedsapp which seems mostly unmaintained Would like to have something with basic feed support with favicons to make it easier to identify feeds

Worklog 2019-10-29

Activitypub Added some stubs for inbox and outbox for seeing what types of objects may come in. Will handle proper validation later

Worklog 2019-10-27

Activitypub Testing some code to see how easy it would be to add activitypub to my django application Added a simple webfinger implementation Added rest framework routes May end up doing without rest-framework under an /activitypub route since it may be easier that way Quickstats Fixed the Location updating due to the AppConfig not being auto loaded Added a test subscription route, but need to think through the flow a bit better

Worklog 2019-10-26

QuickStats Combined Subscription and WidgetsList controllers Seems like post_save is not being called for Waypoint which is preventing us from updating the timestamp properly